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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A query....

If our enemy, The Terrorists (TM), are so inept that they can't get hold of readily-available public information until the New York Times prints it for them in black-and-white, then why haven't we beaten them yet?

Conversely, how is it that to those wonderful commentarians on the Right such as Michelle Malkin, the Powerline boys, and the laddies over at RedState, printing stuff that anyone can find out just by doing a little research in the New York Times constitutes treason punishable by death by that paper and its publishers, reporters, photographers, and possibly the guy who changes the lightbulbs in the newsroom? I'm particularly concerned about that last one, you know. It's a bit of solidarity I feel for guys who change lightbulbs for a living.

And these are the folks who get to decide which of us on the Left are "unhinged". Well, if Michelle Malkin can be taken as an illustrative example for being hinged, I will happily remain unhinged. Because, you know, "hinged" looks an awful lot to me like "batshit crazy".

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Jayne said...

Because, you know, "hinged" looks an awful lot to me like "batshit crazy".

Well said! You crack me up . . .