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Thursday, May 13, 2004

They thought of everything!

I was just updating the sidebar to add Parminder Nagra's entry to the Move Over Britney! roster, and I noticed that the URL for the individual post, as generated by Blogger, is simply based on the post's title:

So I got to thinking that if this is the way it works, wouldn't it pose a problem if you use the same title for two different posts in a single month? Looking at the URL above, there would appear to be no way for Blogger to differentiate.

I decided, therefore, to test this by writing a single-word post ("Test") with the title, "Move Over Britney!", just like the one for Ms. Nagra (and every other MOB! post). Blogger apparently was not fooled, though, and appended a number to the post title in generating the URL, so that the two identically-titled posts end up with different URLs.

I know, this is probably just one of a million little problems the people who make products like Blogger have to think of. It's just neat when I spot a little bit of the functioning behind the magic.

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